Best Courses to Get Promotion in the Workplace

Whether we love our work or are simply there to get paid, each and every one of us ultimately want to be paid more for our efforts. Unless you’re in a commission-based job, the most obvious way to earn higher wages is by getting a promotion.


However, getting a promotion is easier said than done. Working hard and long hours is no longer enough to secure a promotion. You need to get an edge, and the easiest way to do so is by expanding your skillset to show your bosses that you are able to contribute more to the company.


So how to you widen and bulk up on your skillset? Simple. Attend relevant and certified courses that will provide you with the appropriate type of training and development. Obviously, it’s hard to recommended courses without knowing the specific industry you are currently working in. However, the three general courses recommended below will definitely start you off on the right path.

Image courtesy of Pixabay


Level 2 Award in Leadership & Team Skills by ILM


A management and leadership course is a great way to pad your skillset. In addition, it also tells people (specifically your boss and HR manager) that you have prepared yourself to assume a leadership position.


The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), the largest management body in UK, has a six stage course that caters to executives of all career levels. Regardless of whether you are just another suit in the office or a department head, they will have something for your level.


The course gives candidates a solid grounding in various aspects of management at a very affordable rate. The three month course also has an interest-free monthly payment option to make things just that little bit easier. If a post-graduate MBA is out your reach, then this is the course for you.


By the way, did we mention the course is held online?


Finance for executives by LSE


The London School of Economics organises ongoing short courses for executives taught by current faculty members. They cover an extensive range of subjects, so if finance is too basic for your taste, take a look at asset management, global policy, or data science.


The five-day course includes lectures, case studies, in-depth group discussions, modelling, etc. And since the attendees usually consist of young executives from London-based and multinational companies, you will also have a chance to do some networking (or join a cool WhatsApp group).


Strategic Marketing Programme by Oxford


The executive education course at Oxford (organised at the prestigious Said Business School) aims to help executives keep abreast of the changing business world. Considering IT is at the forefront of practically every major paradigm shift for the foreseeable future, it would make sense to participate in this high quality course which will present an interdisciplinary approach towards understanding and redefining marketing structures in the digital age. The price is a little steep (£6,500), but you’re worth it! To paraphrase Red Bull, investing in yourself will give you wings!