Best Courses for Managers and Directors

Executive management course is the most lucrative sector in the training and post-graduate education sector in most countries. In UK alone, there are over 100 institutes of higher education which offer MBA courses. The number of short courses, seminars and conferences, meanwhile, probably exceeds a thousand annually.


There are two major reasons for this:


(i) Participants are senior executives who can afford the high fee (many companies also cover the cost)

(ii) The business landscape is undergoing rapid and massive changes


If you’re a manager or a senior executive, regardless of whether your organisation is in the private, non-profit or government sector, you will likely be inundated with emails, flyers and even phone calls about the latest management programme or training. In case you’re struggling to decide on which course to pick, you’re in luck – we’ve shortlisted four of the best executive management courses to get you started.

Image courtesy of Pixabay


The Leadership Program by University of Reading


The six and a half day, two-module program, held at the university’s Henley Business School, is aimed at executives whose performance will be measured by their effectiveness in influencing the staff within the organisation. The course focuses on removing any ambiguities around leadership models and attempts to set development goals by on the participants’ psychometric profile.


Executive Leadership Programme by Salford Professional Development


Organised in association with University of Salford, Manchester, the three day programme is targeted at managers, directors and senior leaders in decision making portfolios. Costing £1,250, the course also includes two workshops which focus on high performance leadership and values driven performance.


CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership by KP Training & Consulting Limited


Accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the Level 5 certification is designed to teach middle managers key skills such as information management, marketing planning, resource management, financial control and risk management, among others, to prepare them for more advanced management roles within their organisations. Credit from the £2,350, the two day course can be used to complete other programs offered by CMI.


Advanced Management and Leadership Programme by Oxford


Designed for senior leaders and directors, this £21,000, 21-day transformational leadership programme is quite possibly the best short executive management course in UK. It covers every key management topic and teaches strategic management skills that will strengthen your ability to lead and manage. Participants will walk away from the program with a new way of looking at the world.