Best Project Management Courses for Teachers

Teachers today have to prepare their students to face a world where traditional rote learning method is no longer enough. Instead, teachers must impart a broader set of skill sets to prepare their charges for the real world.


Some private schools have experimented with active learning methods to augment the basic academic education students receive. However, the primary responsibility still lies with teachers. This is why a growing number of teachers have been exploring and trying out project management competencies and project-based learning to help improve on the conventional education model found in their syllabus. Beyond classroom learning, project management also strengthens the organisational ability of teachers in managing school administrative functions.


To help teachers get a head start, we have compiled below three of best project management courses that teachers can use to help with their attempt at classroom or administrative innovations.

Image courtesy of Pixabay


Project Management for Career and Technical Education by PMI Educational Foundation


PMIEF’s course is primarily designed from teachers in secondary schools as well as teachers who specialise in marketing and finance in institutions of higher education. The course trains teachers to integrate project management into their syllabus and coursework, which will transform rote learning into an interactive management-rich curriculum.


Educators may also take a follow up course, Project Management Toolkit for Teachers, to further prepare their students for future academic and professional success. 


Advanced Project Management by Oxford’s Department for Continuing Education


This intensive one-day programme provides working professionals such as teachers with the ability to improve their project management skills using "three Cs", which are: challenges, causes and cures.


This will entail exploring the specific manner and characteristics of challenges faced; the technical, economic, psychological and political causes of the challenges; the solutions to the challenges by reducing the complexities of projects into manageable parts. The training will be conducted by a fellow from Oxford’s Saïd Business School.


PRINCE2 Foundation Level


PRINCE2, the acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, is arguably the most widely used project management framework in the world. It is used for project management not only in the private sector, but also in governments and even the United Nations. The PRINCE2 approach enables a flexible, adaptable, and most importantly, efficient method to organise, manage and oversee projects of all types and sizes.


PRINCE2 Training can help schools better define the roles and responsibilities of every stakeholder in the organisation, and thus, encourage efficiency while reducing wastage. The framework can also help create and manage long and short term projects in schools on areas such as curriculum, syllabus, budgeting, personnel management, and many other day-to-day elements of school administration.