Funding opportunities

Latest funding opportunities

Global Uncertainties programme funding

Global Uncertainties programme funding for new multidisciplinary research will focus on priority issues within its core areas, developed in consultation with the Strategic Advisory Group as well as wider engagement with researchers, research users from policy and practice and, where possible, the public.

At the same time individual Research Councils may choose to encourage contributions from their research communities to Global Uncertainties programme through specific strategic calls or highlights in their responsive research-inspired, mode funding.

Some Research Councils publish high level statements to their communities outlining their approach to Global Uncertainties and areas of interest:

Other Research Council funding

Outside Global Uncertainties priority areas, all Research Councils support wider contributions to the programme through their open funding opportunities. All Research Councils have funding available for responsive, research-inspired, mode grants as well as postgraduate and further research training and development. Most of them have specific support available to encourage international and public engagement, knowledge exchange or commercialisation and follow on to existing research.

Other funding opportunities

Researchers working on issues addressed by the Global Uncertainties programme may be interested in relevant funding opportunities provided by a number of other UK and international funders.